Friday, June 3, 2011

For Starts..

Ok.. Done with a good title.. <Happy!> now what.. write an article! This is the first time am writing an article.. but the big question is.. Kis pe! About what?! requires a lot of  thinking.. Magajmari! pehla post hai.. idhar udhar dekho.. thoda tapo.. samjho!
 Think.. think.. Think! :D Nothing... in a desperate need of a sparkle...
Normal juveniles <like me>.. with a bit aberration from so called normal juvenile things... think about writing blogs! inspiration nothing.. Need yes! wanna improve my delightful hotchpotch.. "Pidgin English!"
To say.. am one among  The Active Participants of the RAT race who are vying to get admission in a good B school.. though thing! people suggested start writing a blog.. it'll help! and here i am scratching my head What next! well.. to say I won't be writing this blog for those people who find humor in baboon scratching his red bum! My blog will definitely contain some sensible thing <lol.. this is what i feel>
abh tak no topic..
too much of peeing causes too much of fluid loss which in directly causes dehydration.. similarly too much of thinking causes too much of 'Brain Drain' directly causing No Brain Situation.. so for now.. Time Please!

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