Saturday, June 25, 2011

I said,'Up Up and Away..' Pa said,'Paha Paha Padshil..'

* ’Paha Paha Padshil’ means, be careful or you’ll fall and hurt yourself.

Johnny Johnny..                                                   
Yes Papa!
Eating Sugar..?
Telling LIES?!
Open Your Mouth…
Ha ha.. <slap.. slap..> ah ah aaaaa..!

First thing.. no one dares to laugh when our jeevandata <they take this term very seriously.. ‘paida kiya hai maine terko.. chaddi me reh!’>  shouts at us! Do you really think our very own ‘papajis’ are so tolerant that they would readily forgive our audaciousness of laughofying at his face after a whole lot of ‘khujli’ <that’s the reason I had to correct the nursery rhyme you see! I don’t want our ‘genx bacchalog’ to be under a false impression.. > If a children’s version ‘kahani ghar ghar ki.. .’ would have been made, <WREATCHED>Ekta Kapoor would surely replace  our beloved ‘kamonika’<not mine.. She’s really gross!>  by an ‘Attyachari BAAP’. Since centuries dads have always been pursued as potentially more hazardous beings as compared to our ‘sho shweet Moms’  .. J

Well.. I too was no different, that is until now.. let me be a hero for ‘Dad Community’ this time round. I’ll be THE Voice to voice their voice…! :P ;)
Lets imagine life without dads< PLEASE don’t question your existence now!>… first thought.. Full on Masti! Isn’t it?! J no one to be afraid of.. little little ‘darr’ of mom.. Boys possessed by ‘Dare Devil’, girls by.. mmm.. ‘Cat women’… nah.. lets assume them to be ‘junglee billiya’. Har taraf tabahi hi tabhai..! :-D
DISCIPLINE people.. Discipline.. Who’ll instill us with that.. moms?? Think about it..  ‘Angry young Aunty..!’  Then who’ll love.. It’s not that moms can’t do both… but that compassionvale factorki jab bhi jarurat padti hai.. jara jyada hi padti hai! And no kid can handle Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde...  to them it’s either Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Hyde.

It’s not just discipline..

Who would take you on a ride around the house on his back… Who would teach you to ride that first bicycle you had.. Who’ll encourage you to be strong and fight back.. Who’ll  bring that vigor in you to achieve ambitions.. With whom would you play in bed before sleeping..  Who’ll tell you how difficult his life was when he was a kid and how lucky you are! J Kids seldom understand this statement… But eventually we do, don’t we?
Eventually it is also realized that whatever our oldman did for was for our own good.. he was right.. not once or twice.. always!  
His love for us has always been selfless.. It’s never late to respect that!
Dedicated to all the ‘existing’ and ‘to be’ fathers.. A bit late<not for the ‘to bes’>.. :P  ‘Happy Father’s Day’



Saturday, June 11, 2011

No one transpires to be a Hero!


No one knows what life holds for them.. We never know what to expect until things actually occur! Even a little sprinkle of luck has the power to change destinies.. not only ours but also of people around us..
We want to be known.. to be recognized! We abhor to be just a someone among the crowd.. Is that why we dream?! Do we dream for ourselves or for someone else.. Do we yearn for excellence or for fame.. Some may say.. is there a difference!
Today our brains have become mercenaries... our dreams become materialistic for some it extends to philistinism… There’s a hunger for something that we don’t have but not for something that we have always wanted!

Aspiration of a child is something that we should yearn for.. As children we always wanted to emulate different personalities.. not because how successful that person is or maybe because he or she has so much of money! It was out of sheer exuberance that we hero worshipped… dreamed.. that someday I want to be him, it will be fun! We dreamed big because we believed in ourselves, we had that confidence if not understanding. It’s a pity that we realize that it was long back that I transpired to be a Hero! 
  We have a high regard for the heroes of 26/11… They displayed exemplary audaciousness during the macabre attack and today they reside in the hearts of billions of people in India! The first thing about TAJ that comes to our mind is it’s hotel staff.. had it not been to their presence of mind the days and nights then would have been bloodier. They knew the ways in and out, they could have easily fled the seen leaving the hotel guests to fend for themselves, but nothing like that happened, instead they made it a point to save as many guests as possible! It is because of this decision and bravery we remember them..  They are now designated as heroes by us! Hats off to them..
Some realize some don’t..
No one decides to be a hero, it is we who do so.. It may be for our deeds or for our dreams.. Something which you can decide!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baba re Baba.. yeh kya ho raha hai!

CWG Scam.. Suresh Kalmadi's misconception that since the wealth was "common" for the games why don't i make some "personal kamaee" this time!
I say that was very greedy of him and the next thing we find... 

'Kalmadi queues up for two bread slices at Tihar'(couresy ibnlive)

And there was the 2G scam.. But in the end there was no "Karuna" left for either Raja or Kanimozhi..

Just recently our PM was called a 'Sant' by Congress..  He seems to be taking his 'sainthood' pretty seriously!

Kudos to Anna Hazare for bringing an Anti-corruption revolution in India.. Had it not been for his intrepid challenge to the government people would have remained ignorant as ever.. It was really heartening to see people participating in the agitation against corruption.

This babaji also tried some thing similar.. Satyagharah.. Ahem.. Lets call it 'Modern Satyagraha' please<A.C. rooms were avaliable for agitation you see!>.. Nautanki thi no doubt! But not only did it highlight the cause but also brought in a jhalak of government vandalism and "insecurity"..

may be..
He seems to be thinking "yeh kya ho raha hai.. akhee to bachpanse hi ghumi thi.. ab dimak bhi ghum ne laga hai!"

These are just a series of events that have led so much of  'halla' in Bhartiya public about corruption..  there's a sudden surge of so called 'jagrukta' now! Aachi baat hai.. but the beautiful portray Chalta hai attitude till now have cost we Indians a few crores.. lol.. Rs 170000crore + Rs1300crore <maths seems pretty easy here!> Had it not been to Baba Ramdev's fast a five-star satyagraha.. And some gritty efforts by Anna Hazare, I doubt any two legged  being <thats what we are u see..> of India would have got a slightest whiff about the now Page3 of Indian Politics! 
It's not that we are new to this corruption smudge.. Majority of us out there have faced corruption out in the zoo of government bureaucracy <i thought of using the "wilderness" here but it's quite an organised structure u see!> and most of us have just chose to give in.. 
When we know there's corruption right from the grass-root level why let it grow?!
Lets leave the question "To Grow or not to Grow" baju me filhal and lets try to understand by analyzing the following situation,
A youth with a modest family back ground aged twenty living in a place with not so good educational resources..  He's ambitious.. wants to study and be someone in life. He comes to one of the developed cities in India to pursue his dream. For his convenience his parents provide him with a debit card so that his expenses are meet regularly. Tragedy strikes.. One day his debit card gets stolen.. What now.. No means to meet his expenses! He decides to register a complaint in a near by police station. As soon as he enter's the police station he finds a potbellied police <that's what we usually imagine them to be.. if you want you can also imagine him to be chewing a banarasi pan> constable sitting at the 'May I help you' desk. Lets call him Mr. Burp.
"Kya hua.." asked Mr. Burp <Now please don't expect him to be saying "May I help you sir?">
This youth our's then narrates his dukhbhari kahani..
A hint of grin on the mukhada of this so eager to help Mr. Burp..
Here's what Mr. Burp then replied
" Dekho beta.. baat yuu hai ki.. normal procedure ke hisab se tumhe coraot(court) me jana padega aur eek parchi laani pade gee.. jyade nahi char paach din lag jayange.. Uske baad hum FIR darg karange. fir dekhenge! kuch mila to bata denge tumehe.." 
" Vaise dekha jaye to hum aaj ke aaj jaajh padtal shuru kar sakte hai.. Kuch nahi.. bas paach sau rupayee lagange! kyu court ke jhanjat me padte ho.. paise do hum jaldi dhund nikalenge"

Now comes the real question.. what should this guy do.. completely helpless the only hope he has are these constables! Considering the fact that he does give the bribe and gets back his debit card there's a chance that he has developed pro-corruption ideology and if things don't improve even after paying a bribe his faith in Indian police must have got zeroed! 
Corruption need to be nipped in bud and it needs to be done with some serious thinking.. Just recently there was suggestion by a minister that corruption at lower levels should be legalised in the sense that the bribe payer should not be prosecuted but the acceptor should be! Will this help.. it does create a sense of fear among the corrupt.. but still it involves paying a bribe!
Lokpal bill does seem to be a solution to this. There are disputes going on over it's range but if India really wants to be corruption free each and every citizen of India should be under the lokpal scanner.. even if it means The Prime Minister of India! 

Hope for a corruption free India would always be there.. But for that it is we who have to contribute actively! Be completely intolerant towards these vices..
We for sure need more of those 'Jago re' campaigns.. and of'course right people at right places.. or else this is what will happen.. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

For Starts..

Ok.. Done with a good title.. <Happy!> now what.. write an article! This is the first time am writing an article.. but the big question is.. Kis pe! About what?! requires a lot of  thinking.. Magajmari! pehla post hai.. idhar udhar dekho.. thoda tapo.. samjho!
 Think.. think.. Think! :D Nothing... in a desperate need of a sparkle...
Normal juveniles <like me>.. with a bit aberration from so called normal juvenile things... think about writing blogs! inspiration nothing.. Need yes! wanna improve my delightful hotchpotch.. "Pidgin English!"
To say.. am one among  The Active Participants of the RAT race who are vying to get admission in a good B school.. though thing! people suggested start writing a blog.. it'll help! and here i am scratching my head What next! well.. to say I won't be writing this blog for those people who find humor in baboon scratching his red bum! My blog will definitely contain some sensible thing <lol.. this is what i feel>
abh tak no topic..
too much of peeing causes too much of fluid loss which in directly causes dehydration.. similarly too much of thinking causes too much of 'Brain Drain' directly causing No Brain Situation.. so for now.. Time Please!