Friday, August 12, 2011

Honour Thy Soul..

Houour Thy Soul

Float like a feather in the whiff of inspiration,
Let this flight be a cue for your mind’s thrusting ambition,
Let this flight nurture your heart’s tremulous desires!
Carve you way through the placid wind.. 

Sometimes.. A gush of wind may be too strong for your suave..
You may find yourself where you ought not to be now!
Clueless..You may be,
Wondering why you seem to fly?
Worry not my dear, it’s just a phase passing by!
Feather you are.. longue in the air,
Make patience thy forte,
Wait for that zephyr.. for he’s your legato!
Carve the wind again,
For this time.. you may find yourself where you ought to be!

You resolved to fly,
Now dream to be a Quill,
For you may indite and carve our minds,
Make us life’s chef-d'oeuvre,
Help us be the change we always wanted…
So that someday it will be our turn to honour our souls!