Saturday, June 25, 2011

I said,'Up Up and Away..' Pa said,'Paha Paha Padshil..'

* ’Paha Paha Padshil’ means, be careful or you’ll fall and hurt yourself.

Johnny Johnny..                                                   
Yes Papa!
Eating Sugar..?
Telling LIES?!
Open Your Mouth…
Ha ha.. <slap.. slap..> ah ah aaaaa..!

First thing.. no one dares to laugh when our jeevandata <they take this term very seriously.. ‘paida kiya hai maine terko.. chaddi me reh!’>  shouts at us! Do you really think our very own ‘papajis’ are so tolerant that they would readily forgive our audaciousness of laughofying at his face after a whole lot of ‘khujli’ <that’s the reason I had to correct the nursery rhyme you see! I don’t want our ‘genx bacchalog’ to be under a false impression.. > If a children’s version ‘kahani ghar ghar ki.. .’ would have been made, <WREATCHED>Ekta Kapoor would surely replace  our beloved ‘kamonika’<not mine.. She’s really gross!>  by an ‘Attyachari BAAP’. Since centuries dads have always been pursued as potentially more hazardous beings as compared to our ‘sho shweet Moms’  .. J

Well.. I too was no different, that is until now.. let me be a hero for ‘Dad Community’ this time round. I’ll be THE Voice to voice their voice…! :P ;)
Lets imagine life without dads< PLEASE don’t question your existence now!>… first thought.. Full on Masti! Isn’t it?! J no one to be afraid of.. little little ‘darr’ of mom.. Boys possessed by ‘Dare Devil’, girls by.. mmm.. ‘Cat women’… nah.. lets assume them to be ‘junglee billiya’. Har taraf tabahi hi tabhai..! :-D
DISCIPLINE people.. Discipline.. Who’ll instill us with that.. moms?? Think about it..  ‘Angry young Aunty..!’  Then who’ll love.. It’s not that moms can’t do both… but that compassionvale factorki jab bhi jarurat padti hai.. jara jyada hi padti hai! And no kid can handle Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde...  to them it’s either Dr. Jekyll or Dr. Hyde.

It’s not just discipline..

Who would take you on a ride around the house on his back… Who would teach you to ride that first bicycle you had.. Who’ll encourage you to be strong and fight back.. Who’ll  bring that vigor in you to achieve ambitions.. With whom would you play in bed before sleeping..  Who’ll tell you how difficult his life was when he was a kid and how lucky you are! J Kids seldom understand this statement… But eventually we do, don’t we?
Eventually it is also realized that whatever our oldman did for was for our own good.. he was right.. not once or twice.. always!  
His love for us has always been selfless.. It’s never late to respect that!
Dedicated to all the ‘existing’ and ‘to be’ fathers.. A bit late<not for the ‘to bes’>.. :P  ‘Happy Father’s Day’



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