Saturday, June 11, 2011

No one transpires to be a Hero!


No one knows what life holds for them.. We never know what to expect until things actually occur! Even a little sprinkle of luck has the power to change destinies.. not only ours but also of people around us..
We want to be known.. to be recognized! We abhor to be just a someone among the crowd.. Is that why we dream?! Do we dream for ourselves or for someone else.. Do we yearn for excellence or for fame.. Some may say.. is there a difference!
Today our brains have become mercenaries... our dreams become materialistic for some it extends to philistinism… There’s a hunger for something that we don’t have but not for something that we have always wanted!

Aspiration of a child is something that we should yearn for.. As children we always wanted to emulate different personalities.. not because how successful that person is or maybe because he or she has so much of money! It was out of sheer exuberance that we hero worshipped… dreamed.. that someday I want to be him, it will be fun! We dreamed big because we believed in ourselves, we had that confidence if not understanding. It’s a pity that we realize that it was long back that I transpired to be a Hero! 
  We have a high regard for the heroes of 26/11… They displayed exemplary audaciousness during the macabre attack and today they reside in the hearts of billions of people in India! The first thing about TAJ that comes to our mind is it’s hotel staff.. had it not been to their presence of mind the days and nights then would have been bloodier. They knew the ways in and out, they could have easily fled the seen leaving the hotel guests to fend for themselves, but nothing like that happened, instead they made it a point to save as many guests as possible! It is because of this decision and bravery we remember them..  They are now designated as heroes by us! Hats off to them..
Some realize some don’t..
No one decides to be a hero, it is we who do so.. It may be for our deeds or for our dreams.. Something which you can decide!

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