Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make A Difference!

MAD's Gullivers Travel…

Life can be strange..there are times when we get things that we didn’t even dream of and sometimes.. we crave for things till eternity. It’s a never ending thirst of wants that we always yearn to fulfill.. Little do we realize how besotted we are with those wants that we never appreciate what we already have. The more we drink murkier it gets! So self-involved are we that we fail to realize how lucky we are.. There are so many things we have that others just dream of..And for some it may always remain a dream!
It’s been a day since I visited ‘Sharansthan’…’s an orphanage.. I still can’t forget those smiling faces..happy just because someone has come to see them! The bond was instantaneous, the twinkle in their eye as they looked at us just made me realize the apparent. Now….. let your heart do the work.. just FEEL.. when someone whom you have just meet wants to remember you forever,  without any expectation.. pure love.. on pure delight of just of meeting you! Feels really good isn’t it? Just ONE meet and so many smiling faces.. All of them eager to know more about you as if you were someone great..a superstar…!

 All of this on my first day with MAD(Make A Difference)…  Just few weeks back I was wondering if it’s really worth the weight to join MAD, college..classes..with all loitering to be done! So many important things to do.. Sparing two hours would be like giving up my life! <A really heavy sarcasm intended! :-|>.. But these two hours are what really matter.. These are the two hours that are going to make a difference, in not only yours, but also in someone else’s life who is not so lucky..not so privileged as you are. A little care shown.. Can bring a hell lot of difference in this world!
'Make a difference’ is an NGO run by youth of India. It caters towards teaching spoken English, computer knowledge to children at orphanages, it doesn’t end just there, with practically no exposer to outside world, their mind is a blank canvas. You are the one with the brush..with the liberty of using myriad beautiful colours to portray of outside world for them, so that someday when they decide to face the world on their own it won’t be completely new to them. All because of you.. A Lilliputian contribution with not so Lilliputian effect!

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