Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gmail: A new Doodle of Google!

Gmail: A new Doodle of  Google!

A new look Gmail has been on roll for a while. Just click on a small blue rectangle suggesting you to try the new look, with myriad enhancements on offer. With this new look Gmail, Google has brought in a new suave in its email services aimed at making the interface more user-friendly thus offering a seamless and consistent online experience.
With cut throat competition offered by businesses like Facebook and Twitter, this user-friendly revamp was much expected. Fleeting through and working with your emails is now much easier. The left side of Gmail that includes your labels, chat, and any additional gadgets you’ve used to customize Gmail is now more adjustable, more responsive, and faster. The main areas of changes had been the tool bar options, search features, usage of labels and most importantly the way you read your emails.

 A new advanced search option has been incorporated, a dropdown arrow in the search field is aimed at increasing the accuracy of your search by specifying a particular folder, sender, subject line, text, and other content. These search options can be saved and applied in the future.        
Overall, this new Gmail is sleek and has a easier to use interface. The changes are yet to be finalized thus leaving high hopes for improvement. Your suggestions, reviews and new ideas are always welcomed by Google; just click on the small rectangle at the bottom right of your screen.